On September 8, 2010, our Class of 1946 met at Quack’s Diner for our second class reunion.  Our first being our 60th in 2006.  After introductions all around, I announced my special guest, Barb Clark, Mayor of Madison, NY.  She spoke of her mother also being a a graduate from Stockbridge High in 1946.

After our luncheon Maxine and I gave a red rose to all who attended.  Each class member gave a brief bio of their life such as family and work experiences.

I handed out a copy of our class poem, class prophecy, and our school’s Alma Mater.  Gordon read the class poem which he had written.  Also, we had him read the Class Prophecy which we all enjoyed.  We sang our Alma Mater which was great to do again after being out of school all these years.  When you think about it, sixty-four classes have graduated since 1946 from SVCS.

The following members attended: Robert, Gordon, Charlotte, Alma, Mildred, Jean and Earl.  Because of health reasons, Helen wasn’t able to attend so we all signed a Get Well card for her. 

After hugs and handshakes, we all agreed to meet again next year.